MailMaverick is an email platform designed with non-profits and political campaigns in mind. MailMaverick's integrations with other technology platforms are geared to maximize engagement and its utilization of email retargeting allow for interacting with stakeholders like never before. MailMaverick is your solution to staying in touch with your supporters in an efficient, cost-effective way.


Right Person
Right Message
Right Time

Email allows marketers to reach subscribers with exactly the right message when the subscriber is most likely to respond.

The world’s top brands routinely use their marketing channels to try to win a customer’s email address.

They know that the unparalleled data and metrics provided by email allow for powerful segmentation.

MailMaverick allows you to organize your subscribers based on demographic information and interactions on both through email and social media. Identify and target your most engaged subscribers while reconnecting with lapsed subscribers. Walk your subscribers further up the ladder of engagement by using Engagement Scores and Contact Ratings to organize reengagement campaigns and loyalty campaigns.

Multivariate Split Testing

  • Our testing capabilities allow for up to 26 different splits in a single campaign. You can manually or automatically pick the winner using a variety of criteria.
  • You have ability to test every aspect of your campaigns from subject lines to complete email content.

Automated list management

Our automated processes make sure your list is up-to-date with your subscribers’ preferences. We track responses to email from clicks to opens to bounces. The system makes it simple for your list to follow the best practices. After subscribers unsubscribe or mark an email as spam, we take them out of your list to help you avoid multiple sends to non-existent or bad emails. We want to make sure you can craft and focus your messages to your active subscribers.

We also automatically de-duplicate your list when you make additions so you won’t have to worry about your subscribers receiving multiple emails because of duplicate contact information. When you upload a subscriber or they sign up on your website, the automated process searches your existing subscribers to make sure every contact you add to your list or email send is unique.

Content Creation Your Way

  • Customize pre-made templates, or paste your own HTML code.
  • Create from scratch using our simple editor, or automatically pull content from your existing website.

Message Quality Score

Our powerful "spam-checker" analyzes all of your messages for code problems, broken links, rendering issues, or other red flags.

  • The likelihood that the message will be blocked by spam filters given the content of the message and all the message headers.
  • The likelihood that the message will look as intended in all mail readers.
  • The validity of the HTML of the message.
  • The existence of broken links.


Keep your customer data current to power effective segmentations.

Harness the reach of your social networks to push your message further.

Optimize your website and track your ROI with Analytics services.


Automated Emails

MailMaverick’s triggered email feature allows you to automatically react to interactions from your contacts. Whether it’s welcoming them to your organization or reminding them about important deadlines, MailMaverick will reach your subscribers on their own unique timetable.

Automated emails statistically perform better than blast emails because your list is telling you when they want to interact with you, and this feature allows you to craft entire campaigns to automatically respond to your subscribers’ actions.


Take advantage of the pricing structure that works for you.

Unlimited Monthly Sends

Do you want the freedom to send as many emails as you need to your list with out having to worry about an email cap? Try our Unlimited Monthly Sends option.

Blocks of Sends

Want to avoid a monthly cost of sending emails? Purchase the number of email sends you want to send and avoid the hassle. Your sends don’t expire, and you won’t be charged a monthly fee.